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Gift of a Lifetime

A lasting connection to a child you love

Giving a whole life insurance policy to a child helps set an example of financial responsibility and emphasizes the importance of protecting loved ones.

Helping Children Reach for Their Dreams

Whole life insurance from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) can help give your children a financial head start. It provides a guaranteed amount of life insurance that also accumulates cash value. As adults, your children could access their policy’s cash value1 for any reason, including:

* College tuition and expenses

* Funding a wedding

* A down payment on a house

* Starting a business

However, distributions will reduce their policy’s cash value and death benefit, so they should be selective about how and when to use their policies.

Never Too Young to Start

Life insurance premiums are based on a number of factors, including a person’s age and health. Premiums are generally lower for children because they are young and healthy.

Additional Coverage —Guaranteed

Someday, your children may want to protect their families with more life insurance. There is an option that allows the insured to purchase more coverage at regular intervals, regardless of his or her health. This option is available for an additional cost and certain conditions may apply.

A Gift They Can’t Outgrow

Children outgrow clothes, toys and other gifts. A whole life policy from MassMutual is different. You can give your children a fully-funded life insurance policy that will provide:

* Permanent life insurance to one day protect their families.

* Cash value that can be used to help fund life’s big events.

* The option to increase their protection as their families grow.